Monday, June 11, 2012

Under House Arrest at Prestige Montecarlo

The residents of Prestige Montecarlo woke up to a reality that I am sure many didn't anticipate - of being under house arrest. The local folks - perhaps being instigated by the local politicians - are agitating and have blocked all entrance and exists from the apartment complex.
All the people, office goers, school goers and even some flight crew are being blocked from going out of the apartment complex and daily lives of all of us is disrupted.
The following is a brief history that culminates to the situation today (Jun 11, 2012) :
  1. Some unidentified people broke down the boundary wall adjoining the ananthapur road - ostensibly for road widening.
  2. The residents went to court to protect the property.
  3. The court has - in the last few days - given an interim order asking the locals to follow the due process of law to acquire land for road widening process.

Hopefully some sense would prevail...

Update (12:30pm): Some sense did prevail. Completely unknown to us, the protesters left the scene together with police (yep! the police was there all along). We don't know what made them leave, and whether they would come back tomorrow morning once again.

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