Friday, March 13, 2009

Attempts to setup Blogger interface within Emacs

Recently I discovered TV Raman's gblogger interface for writing blogs on Google's Blogger service.

In the last few months, I have been trying to migrate my work-environment within Emacs so naturally I am very excited about this. But setting this up on my laptop proved difficult.

Firstly it appears that gblogger doesn't work with zsh. So I switched to using 'bash' just for this purpose (though hope is that I will be able to resolve this issue and switch back to zsh since that's my preferred shell.)

With this change I was able to get the ability to publish blogs. But editing existing blogs still does not work.

Some differences appear to have cropped up between the "edit interface" used by gblogger since the time it was released (two years ago).

To start with, I wasn't able to even correctly "fetch" an entry that I had posted earlier. To get around that it appears that the g-xsl-transform-region needs to be called "before" any html-unescaping is done on the *atom entry* buffer.

So I removed the call to g-html-unescape-region from -get-entry () function and moved to be after g-xsl-transform-region () call in -edit-entry ().

The above got me the entry in *atom entry* buffer. But a few html entities are still not getting escaped. These extra entities result in issues with publishing.

I will continue to investigate around this in my spare time - but just wanted to post this history for posterity.

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