Monday, March 16, 2009

Gblogger New Entry

Getting gblogger to work on zsh proved to be easy after a little bit of working knowledge of the gblogger code.

curl/ zsh appears to be stricter with URLs. So just changing URLs so that they are surrounded by single-quotes appears to have fixed this issue.

For this I needed to change gblogger code at two places:


(defvar g-auth-url-pattern
"URL to login to Google services.")



(defun gblogger-new-entry (url)
"Create a new Blog post."
(setq gblogger-this-url (concat "'" url "'" ))
(substitute-command-keys "Use \\[gblogger-publish] to publish your edits ."))))

Notice the single-quote in both of these changes.

The change above is ofcourse not the final change - to make the code portable across all shells, this change should be made based on shell being used - but this gets us going in the right direction with gblogger/ Emacs on zsh.

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